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SInce 1979

We repair Wisconsin Monuments

 Wisconsin Barns

Do you have a Historical Wisconsin barn

Specializing in:Complete Raising and leveling of Barns,

 Barn Restoration, Structural Repair, Sill Replacement,

Jacking of the foundation,Wall Repair & replacement, Steel roof, steel side's, pole style lean-to's

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Call us to see what we can do for your family farm ,see how we can upgrade or repair your building us 608-434-3792.............................................................Or email us @ / --------------- We do steel roofs on Homes and steel side's on barns , WE JACK (lift) BUILDINGS AND RUN CABLE'S IF NEEDED ......Thank-you and have a great day.

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When you see this Little guy some painting was done......
 We also offer total home refinishing and decks,our remodeling branch has the newest in home tech refinishing ......
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Dave's Constr. LLC

Restoration of Yesteryear and Todays Farms

Baraboo, Wisc.-53913


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Since 1979 we have served the Wis.and Mn farmers

We are a restoration company, we like to take pride in what we are doing to save the OLDER FARM life style and look. Please come back to our site in a few days to enjoy our past jobs and see if maybe We can help you. Our residential home's & Farm building painting are done with the finest materials, and with our dedication to the customer to give the best possible job. New roofing,.... Specializing in: Structural Repair, Restoration, Barn Sill Repair, Sill Replacement, Wall repair,tuck-pointing,Wall Replacement, Water Damage Repair, Wind damage,and jacking of the foundations. Restoration and Preservation of the monuments of our heritage....

We are also offering Round roof steel applications ,

  Job when we started

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 Jobs Done [click on names](Bruemmer)

Preuhs, -Kuchinka, -Livingston, -Hentges, -Valek,- Lyman, -Malecha,- Flynn, Wickander,- Kruger,- David, -Groth, -Blake,- House jacking, -House Steel roof -Kaun -Wilson,-Wimmer -Cagle -Door & Wall Repair- Egan ,- Breummer Barn wall All ,- Cotter StoughtonWis- Alex and Linda Ferch ,- My pole Shed , Leykom Nemecek





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